ZYLAB – Documents Management

ZYLAB - Documents Management

Our company provides the award-winning technologies solutions from ZYLAB. ZYLAB develops information Access that enable users to digitalize archives, search, investigate, organize and share all their paper and electronic files including multimedia and email messages, and their attachment in secure and stable XML based platform. Around the world Governments, Law enforcements, Corporate counsels, executive boards and Human resources team are using ZYLAB to enhance efficiency and optimize the performance in their internal processes.

MZyLAB’s information management software puts you in command of all enterprise data- not just eDiscovery collections, thereby enabling the earliest early case assessment. Our eDiscovery tool build upon our information management platform to implement legal holds and data preservation, execute initials and incremental collections, pre- tag, and reduce data, review, analyze, and code data, and output eDiscovery productions in any number of load file formats with metadata intact.

  • Saving money and productivity time in searching documents
  • Reduce both office space and disaster risks
  • Insure operational continuity
  • Improving customer service while retrieving vital consumer information
  • Streaming your operation
  • Expanding your capabilities
  • Achieve complete digitization at MK10.00 per page