MTN Zambia Streamlines its Operations with Automated Fixed Asset Management Solution

MTN Zambia streamlines its operations with Automated Fixed Asset Management Solution

Research shows that all Finance Managers or Directors know what an automated fixed assets management means. The question has always been who can actually implement the solution to customer’s satisfaction.  Memory Business Solutions with its branch in Lusaka, Zambia, is one of the Africa’s leading asset management specialists with an extensive experience in relieving Accountants in all business sectors save money and increase efficiency. 

Memory has taken its automated fixed assets management solutions to MTN Zambia Ltd.

At MTN Zambia, Memory Business Solution Ltd will ensure that:

  • MTN Zambia’s network and non-network Assets are physically inspected and coded to confirm their existence and condition.
  • Fixed Assets are reconciled. This allows easier identification of existing assets in records but not physically existing and vice versa and also to identify assets in bad physical condition and require repair or disposal.
  • Once this is done, a fixed asset register will be set up and new policies regarding assets acquisition, coding and regular audit are introduced.

This is an excellent achievement for MTN Zambia.  With an Automated Fixed Assets Management system in place, MTN Zambia will derive the following benefits:

  • Easy traceability of company’s fixed assets and identification of loss
  • Improved security
  • Easy identification
  • Consistency and control over assets
  • Avoidance of purchasing duplication
  • Speed and accuracy when auditing
  • Cutting auditing cost and increase efficiency 
  • Improved insurance premiums calculations

These reputable firms are already benefiting from our cutting edge services: Airtel Zambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi, DRC, Niger and Tanzania, ZANACO Zambia, Stanbic Zambia, Standard Chartered Zambia, Puma Energy Zambia Plc, Malawi and Tanzania, Total Malawi, ESCOM Malawi, Telekom Networks Malawi, Anti-corruption Bureau-Malawi, Malawi Revenue Authority, Northern Region Water Board, National Bank of Malawi, World Bank Malawi, and UNICEF Malawi among others. Why not give us a call or email us for a free demo?

ZANACO PLC embraces Asset Management Solution

ZANACO PLC embraces Asset  Management Solution
Memory Business Solutions Zambia Ltd, with its sister companies Memory Business Solutions, Lilongwe, Malawi and  NPK Technologies Limited in Dar es Salaam, is recognized in Africa as leading provider of Fixed Asset Management solutions, with quality products, technical expertise and professional services.
Memory has extended its fixed assets management solutions to Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc (ZANACO)
Memory Zambia will ensure that ZANACO Fixed Assets are physically verified and bar-coded to confirm their existence and condition, all verified Fixed Assets are properly revalued to reflect its market value, once this is done a fixed asset register will be set up and new policies regarding assets acquisition, bar- coding and regular audit introduced.
The following benefits will be derived: Easy traceability of company’s fixed assets and identification of loss, improved security, easy identification, consistency and control over assets, avoidance of purchasing duplication, speed and accuracy when auditing and cutting auditing cost and increase efficiency 
The following reputable firms have successfully outsourced asset management: Puma Energy Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Total Malawi, Airtel Zambia, Niger, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Tanzania, Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Plc, and Tanzania, Telekom Networks Malawi, Anti-corruption Bureau-Malawi, Malawi Revenue Authority, Northern Region Water Board Malawi, National Bank of Malawi, World Bank Malawi, UNICEF Malawi among others.
If you want to find out how your organization can benefit from outsourcing asset management or if you want further information on any of the issues raised from this article, please call us on +260 972 785 778 or
Our expert consultants will be delighted to help you.

Stanbic Zambia PLC for Asset Management System

Stanbic Zambia Plc for asset management system
Many organizations have computerized Fixed Assets register but very little confidence in the information it holds. As a result, there is little or no effective control over many thousands or even millions of Zambia kwacha worth equipment. A complete physical audit of assets is needed, to ensure that fixed assets register is accurate and up-to-date. 
That is why; Stanbic Zambia has outsourced our services to help them efficiently manage their assets.
The best way to save money is to stop spending unnecessarily. What is needed is to identify the expenditure which is erroneous and eliminate it.
Here are some examples of erroneous expenditure:
·         Buying things that you don’t need to buy because you already have them
·         Paying insurance premiums on non-existent equipment
·         ‘Losing’ equipment because lax security
·         Paying maintenance and licensing charges on software which is no longer installed or used
·         Paying lease penalties because leased equipment is not properly handled
The key to savings in all these areas, as well as many others, is effective asset management. There is much more in asset management than calculating depreciation and coming up with a Fixed Assets figure for the statement of financial position.
Asset management means knowing what you have got, where it is, what is being used for, how much it is worth and what is costing you. Asset management is a key to expenditure control.
Now how do you go about turning that key?
As one of Africa’s leading asset management specialists, we have extensive experience in helping organizations in all market sectors save money and increase efficiency. What follows has been distilled from that experience. It will certainly identify the issues and clarify the procedures which will allow you to save money through asset management.
We know that every organization is unique. Our focus is on the individual requirements of our clients, and we will always look for a solution which matches your needs.
Other reputable firms who have opted for our services include; Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc, Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Plc, MTN Zambia, Puma Energy Zambia Plc, Malawi and Tanzania, Total Malawi, Airtel Zambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi, DRC, Niger and Tanzania, Millicom (Tigo) Ghana and Tanzania, Telekom Networks Malawi, Anti-corruption Bureau-Malawi, Malawi Revenue Authority, Northern Region Water Board, National Bank of Malawi among others.
Allow us to help you. Call +260 972 785 778 or email . Our expert Consultants will be able to identify the issues which are real for your organization, and suggest the ways in which they can be resolved. Try us for a free demo.

ZyLAB 6 launched.

Version 6.0 Offers Organizations Accelerated Search Performance, Expanded SharePoint and Outlook Integration as well as New Features to Support eDiscovery Requirements 

McLean, VA – October 19, 2009 – ZyLAB, an innovative developer of Information Access Solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Version 6.0 of the company’s award-winning ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP). The ZyIMAGE IAP provides a robust foundation for the archiving and long-term management of vital information, from digitized paper documents, to electronic files, to email and attachments, to multimedia. The platform’s core technology enables users to find, access, and organize data through a standard browser in a quick, easy, and secure fashion. This new version offers organizations a wide array of new features, options and performance enhancements designed to support today’s information management, legal and compliance requirements. 

Last month, Gartner Inc., a research and advisory firm, positioned ZyLAB in the “Leaders” quadrant in its Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology, 2009. Gartner defines Information Access technologies in the report as those having the ability to “find, collect and condense information or map its native location so that users may actively seek information, analyze it effectively and remain informed.” 

ZyIMAGE IAP 6.0 includes numerous new features that support ZyLAB’s position as an information access market leader, including: 

Accelerated Performance; Faster Searching and Results
The infrastructure has been optimized to enable faster searching on even larger/broader document collections. This enhancement helps users not only keep up with the exponential growth of stored data but they can quickly retrieve the information needed in order to respond to legal hold notices, client requests, regulators, etc. This faster performance helps to ensure the solution can scale with an enterprise’s volume of information and increase overall productivity of users.

Expanded SharePoint Integration
ZyIMAGE can be the platform running behind the collaborative SharePoint Portal in order to maximize the benefits of SharePoint and leveraging the ZyIMAGE scalable XML storage. In addition to enabling users to select specific documents or key fields to incorporate into the search index, the v6 enhancements enable the batch import of multiple files to the index. The enterprise can get greater control over their business intelligence – not just files stored on standard networks, but also information stored in their collaborative portal. Batch import yields greater convenience and interoperability of the two solutions in order to maximize both of their strengths.

Search ZyIMAGE Archives Directly from Outlook 2007
Similar to the SharePoint capability, the ZyIMAGE integration with Outlook enables organizations to optimize their investments in other business tools plus leverage the familiarity its users already have with a particular interface. With this enhancement, users can more readily search their archives without having to exit or open another interface. They can maintain high levels of productivity by simply typing their search term into the search bar in the Outlook program that is likely already running.

In addition to the many enhancements to the ZyIMAGE IAP, this new release also adds a host of new features specifically for eDiscovery, including: expanded reporting capabilities; support for import/export of metadata files in EDRM XML format; conversion of eDocs to TIFF format; expanded document de-duplication options; easy collection of electronic files from PCs and other remote data sources; expanded library of pre-configured search tools for automatic data extraction; and automated creation of ZyIMAGE Key Fields. 

“Already recognized by industry publications and top-tier independent analyst firms as one of the strongest Information Access solutions on the market, these new features further differentiate ZyIMAGE from the competition,” said Dr. Johannes Scholtes, President of ZyLAB North America LLC. “Every one of the features introduced is in direct response to customer requests. Not only are we expanding our leadership role within organizations that need to easily manage and locate information but we are also building a solid reputation as a leader in the eDiscovery space.”

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Good news to Hotel Owners.

Great news to Hotel owners.Hotel owners are now able to use the Ezee Frontdesk hand in hand with the Digi Locks and this is solely made possible by our Head Office ,NPK Technologies .By intergrating these two Hotel owners are now able to enjoy the following:-

  1. Returns on investment because all check in are recorded
  2. Gives output of every organized reports
  3. A single database that is operated by different users across the Local Area network hence increased efficiency
  4. By a single click a key card is generated
  5. Security of Guests because data can now be downloaded from the Lock to trace accessibility of door 

Visit us to Manage your hotel. protect your revenue and to protect your guests!

Electronic Lock Show Room Opening Soon in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Are you tired of carrying a bunch of keys? We have a solution for you all you need is your finger or  a card. Please Visit us at our show room opening on the 1/1/2010  on the Old Bagamoyo Road,opposite Feza Primary School.An extensive range of electronic door locks , access control and time and attendance devises will be displayed.Customers will be able to buy locks , access control and time and attendance devices in store.Support team will be performing demonstration on the products and provide customers with the highest standard of support to customers ranging from domestic,commercial to retail customers.

Our locks will comprise mainly of RF card lock,Magnetic card lock,Fingerprint Lock and Keypad lock.Come and acquire yourself a stable product quality and easy maintain Lock.

Do not be left out .Protect your premises and Revenue.

Zylab appoints NPK for Tanzania and Malawi

To ensure the delivery of the best-quality products and services to our clients, NPK is proud to have a strong partnership with ZyLAB , an award winning technologies developer of Access Solutions that enable users to digitally archive, search, investigate, organize, manage and share all their paper and electronic files, including multimedia and e-mail messages and their attachments, in a secure and stable XML based platform.Around the world Governments, Law enforcements, corporate counsels, executive boards, and human resources teams are using ZyLAB to enhance their efficiency and optimize the performance of their internal processes.The above are able to enjoy the following by adopting to ZyLAB:-

  • Advanced search capabilities find more information, quicker
  • Multi-language capabilities enhance functionality for global organizations
  • Flexible XML-based platform allows for optimal scalability, stability and cost effectiveness 

Implementation of Zylab solutions in malawi will be done via memory.

Nkoma Hospital in Malawi implements Afyapro

By adopting to NPK Hospital management system(Afya pro) Nkhoma hospital has streamlined operations of the hospital.hence the hospital is now able to provide quality and efficient health care services to the comunity.

Afya software is specifically designed by NPK Technologies, to address the issues of lack of digitalised hospital systems in Tanzania,East and central Africa. The innovative approach taken by NPK is that the software is available for free, even though it is not open source. The company charges only for the implementing side of their business which works on project- and change management issues.


One unique feature of this software is that it is not fully workflow based. This works best in the local context as each level can work independently of each other. If one level is not completed, it does not hold up the work flow on another.


Currently, Afya has been been implemented in 8 health facilities in Mwanza Region, in Magu District Hospital and in Kinondoni Municipals Council Health Facilities. From April 2007 4 more hospitals will be implemented with external assistance: 3 Tanga District hospitals and the llala Municipal Hospital.


Typical training consists of one month of basic computer training. This enables hospital administrators to go from not having seen a computer before, to being able to use basic computer packages. There is then additional training in the area of the software that the administrator requires specifically for their job: about 2 weeks. A train-the-trainer approach is used to continually train others so that the system is never without trained persons. At the moment, 6 departments within these hospitals are working with computers (registration, laboratory, medical records data entry etc.)


There are some savings for patients: records are digitalised so they are not penalised if their ID card is lost which formerly forced them to buy a new one. There is also savings in time for habitual patients. Doctors save time on their monthly administrative workload, have easy access to patients’ medical history and the time between treatment and billing, as well as the time between invoicing at the National Health Insurance Foundation and and reimbursement is cut, so hospitals need smaller cash flow and accountability is better assured. Due to the fact that the Ministry accepts this system and the reports the system generates for them there is also time saved at the end of the system due to the quicker medical records data entry at the beginning.